3D Baby Hand Cast Baubles

If you’d like to give your babies casting a little extra protection, but don’t want a frame, these open fronted glass baubles make a great alternative. The baubles are approximately 10-12cm, with a slightly flattened base so they can either be hung or displayed free standing. I can provide a wire bauble hanger for an additional £5.

Babies First Christmas Bauble 2022

Although these ‘baubles’ are popular all year around, they make excellent ‘First Christmas’ keepsakes or gifts for the family. Last casting date for finishing ready for Christmas 2022 is 7th November. I know that sounds early, but it’s important that casts have around six weeks to dry before being finished so they keep for many Christmases to come!

Price: £65 (Additional Baubles £55)

The cast is mounted inside, surrounded by a nest of soft white feathers. Due to the bauble size they are suitable for children under 12 months only.

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