My LOVE signs feature beautifully detailed casts of your child’s hand or feet, mounted with 3D letters on to read LOVE. This can be done with two feet to form the V or a hand to form the O – or both. The letters and casts can be finished in your choice of colours to compliment your decor or nursery.


1 Hand or 2 Feet £80
1 Hand and 2 Feet £100

also available Framed (see box framed casts for colour options):

1 Hand or 2 Feet Framed £150
1 Hand and 2 Feet £170

(Prices for children under 12 months)

Love sign with cast baby feet

Colour Options

Both the letters, casts and background can be finished in a range of colours. My standard options are below, but if you have something special in mind please do ask.

Cast/letter colours:

Background Colours:

Pink, Blue and Grey name sign colour options

Love Sign Gallery

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.