Boxed framed baby casts are one of my most popular items. You can tailor all of the elements to suit your style and preferences. That includes choosing the finishing colours of the cast itself, as well as the way it is mounted. If you have something special in mind you don’t see here please ask as I’m always excited to try new ideas.


2 Limbs (e.g. two feet or a foot and a hand) £100
4 Limbs (i.e. both feet and hands) £125

Casts can also be framed with your babies name or to spell out LOVE.

Cast Finish Colours

Baby casts can be finished in a range of colours – natural white, pewter, rose gold, copper or bronze. Casts are hand painted layering different shades to give realistic metallic finish. You are welcome to view example casts in person during your babies casting session before making a final decision.

Luxury Deep Box Frame

I spent a lot of time selecting good quality box frames to mount baby castings. Many companies produce cheap frames that look passable from directly in front, but when viewed at a slight angle (which you often do when walking through a room) show a low quality box stuck on the back of a standard picture frame.

The luxury box frames I use are handmade in the UK and look great from all angles. They can be finished in natural light wood, oak, black, white or grey.


Frame Mount Colours

Your box frame will include a back mount providing the background colour and cut out mount framing your casts at the front. You can choose the colour of the back and front mount from any combination of white, ivory, black, grey, pink or blue. If there is a colour you particularly would like to match, please ask as I maybe able to supply custom options.

The options for cast colours, frame, mount and engraved plaque give hundreds of combinations so you can select something that will display your little ones casts just how you want them. Choosing colours is difficult online, but don’t worry you can see the options in person when you visit my studio for your casting so you can confirm your choices.

Box Framed Cast Gallery

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.